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Up until recently, leadership roles in the winter sports industry have been primarily dominated by men. In recent years, however, women have been breaking gender barriers more and more and rising to the top of the skiing industry within a variety of management and executive positions. Here are some of the top pieces of advice from women who are blazing the path to the top of the mountain in this business sector:

TAKE THE CHANCE: Although it can be intimidating to take that chance and throw your hat into the ring, savvy female executives understand that it is critical to silence your inner critic and just go for it. It may take patience to learn the industry and work your way up through the ranks. However, once you see an opportunity to advance your career, you need to take it without fear of rejection.

AIM FOR BALANCE: Like any industry, female leaders in the sector of winter sports administration need to find their balance. A successful life and career balance looks different for every person, and is very much based on personal preference and need. Only you can answer what that balance needs to be for you. However, it is crucial that you always keep emphasizing this priority as the pinnacle of your professional goals.

LEAD WITH CONFIDENCE: Successful female leaders recognize the importance of leading with confidence. This is defined as cultivating your own ideas and pursuing them to the end, believing that your processes and thoughts are always worth the consideration.

TAKE ON MORE RESPONSIBILITY: The single best way to advance a career is to always be open to more responsibility. Be the person who is willing to say yes and take on more duties, even if this responsibility pushes you outside the limits of your usual comfort zone. Go into new projects with the intention to learn more, in an effort to expand your industry knowledge and further your career.

BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE: It sounds simple, but putting your best foot forward at all times will pay off huge dividends down the road. Even if you feel the responsibility is beneath your skills and talents, showing the desire to always be your best self will get you noticed in any industry.