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France remains one of the most popular countries in Europe that attracts travelers each year. The chance to learn about the country’s long and fascinating history along with seeing spectacular scenery and indulging in exquisite cuisine are some of the many French attractions. However, avoid making the same mistakes replicated time and again by other visitors.

Explore Different Destinations

Many venture to Paris to tour the Eiffel Tower, walk along the Rhine and see the amazing examples of art. But, France has many cities and villages worth visiting. Bordeaux lies in southwestern France and remains the wine capital of the country. The city is teeming with wine bars that provide the opportunity to taste amazing vintages. Strasbourg was founded close to the border and is renowned for hosting a traditional Christmas market each year. The charming medieval village of Riquewihr in eastern France is believed to have served as the inspiration for the backdrop of “Beauty and the Beast.” The town of Annecy is considered the “Venice of the Alps” for the many canals that meander throughout the community.

Learn Some French

Learning some basics of a country’s language can be of much benefit to travelers. Locals in touristy locations often speak English. However, if desiring to see France off the beaten path, language barriers often become a problem. Make the time to take a few lessons. Also, pack a French-English dictionary or download an app to make communication easier.

French Customs

As with any country, people in France have adopted several customs and traditions. Learning a little about the culture saves travelers from experiencing embarrassing moments. For example, it is customary to greet others with a smile and say bonjour. The etiquette of kissing on the cheek and gift-giving traditions are other considerations that a potential visitor might want to learn. The French, like the Italians, often talk with their hands. However, some gestures commonly used in the United States are considered rude or inappropriate.

Money Saving Tips

There are many ways to save money while on vacation. Travelers often prefer to exchange dollars for Euros before entering the country. However, the rate is much better by purchasing Euros online. Another option involves using local French ATMs. Visitors save a great deal of money by dining out at lunchtime rather than dinner. Or, consider purchasing fresh foods in the market and enjoying a picnic outdoors.