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One of the biggest and most anticipated celebrations during the summer months is the Fourth of July. Every year, Independence Day brings memories of cookouts, pool parties, and firework shows. Many cities across the country hold weekend long festivals, concerts, and gatherings for people to come out and celebrate the birthdate of independence in the United States of America. Many of us receive the 4th of July off from work. Take advantage of your free day and plan a trip to one of the following destinations for a memorable Independence Day celebration.

Boston, MA

Boston is a wonderful city worth visiting any time of the year, but it especially draws in the crowds for the Fourth of July. As one of the original colonies, this historic city holds one of the largest celebrations in the country. A week-long celebration kicks off on the first of the month, known as Boston Harborfest. Visitors can enjoy reenactments, speeches, parades, live music, a chowder fest, and more! On the fourth, catch the Independence Day Commemoration and watch the flag raising and reenactment of the Declaration of Independence. Catch the fireworks display at the end of the night to cap off your celebration of freedom.

San Antonio, TX

San Antonio is home to a large concentration of military bases. Historically, the Battle of the Alamo took place in this city, leaving tons of history for the interested traveler. There are tons of events all week long at the nearby theme parks of Six Flags and SeaWorld. Festivals are also held throughout the city. Stop by the Historic Market Square to attend the Freedom Fest or spend your day at the Woodlawn Lake Park where an all-day, free Fourth of July event takes place. Indulge in street food, carnival rides, and relax under the evening’s fireworks spectacular.

Philadelphia, PA

As America’s birthplace, Philadelphia has no choice but to take their celebration seriously. Throughout the week, you’ll discover tons of block parties, parades, live music, and historical presentations. Attend the Celebration of Freedom Ceremony at Independence Hall or head over to Valley Forge National Historic Park to see a Revolutionary War site. Philadelphia ends their celebration with a huge, free concert on the parkway. Popular headliners take the stage and are followed by a display of huge fireworks.